How to change DSTV payment date

How to Connect your DStv Decoder to the Internet
How to Connect your DStv Decoder to the Internet

The following is how to change your payment date on DSTV;

First, you need to get in touch with DSTV to tell them that you wish to change your payment date. You can do so on Twitter or on Facebook. Look for the handle that corresponds with your country.

They will calculate the pro-rata amount that you will need to pay in order to make the switch. This amounts depends on the number of days between your original payment date and the date that you have chosen to be your new payment date.

On your original payment date, you will have to pay the pro-rata amount. That’s the amount that you need to continue watching DSTV for the number of days remaining till you arrive at your new payment date.

Another payment will become due on your new payment date. That’s the full amount for your subscription going forward. Note that you can pay both the pro-rata amount and your subscription amount on your original payment date.

The DSTV pro-rata amount is calculated using the formula; cost of your package / 30 number of days to your new payment date.

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