How to clear e16 error on GOtv

How to clear e16 error on GOtv
How to clear e16 error on GOtv

An e16 error message occurs when your GOtv subscription expires. This is easily taken care of by simply renewing your subscription. But what do you do when this doesn’t solve the e16 error.

Use these 3 methods below to clear the GOtv e16 error code:

Use the Gotv Website

  • Next, scroll down on the home page and click on the option that reads, “Clear Error Code”. This will lead you to the GOtv reset code page. 
  • Check and ensure that your GOtv decoder is ON before taking the next step. 
  • Enter your IUC Number and select Error correction page. Next, select the GOtvE16 and input your code display. Next, select the option which reads, “Clear Error” 

Use Your Mobile Phone

  • SMS this message, “RESET IUC” to the number 4688. 
  • Wait for a couple of minutes with your decoder still ON. 
  • Within a few minutes of sending the SMS, you will regain your signal.

Call Customer Care

  • Call 08039003788 or 012703232 
  • Explain the nature of your problem to the customer care representative who will remotely reset the error message.

While this methods can still work, GOtv Kenya has since automated its prices and now you don’t have to reset your decoder after making a payment. The most you might have to do is just restart it and you will get your service back. The most recent way to clear any GOtv clear e16 error code is by pressing the white button on your remote with the decoder on. 

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