How to Check for KCPE Results Online

How to Check for KCPE Results Online
How to Check for KCPE Results Online

Here’s how to check KCPE results online and via SMS.

  1. How to Check via SMS

To check your KCPE Results 2021/2022 by SMS send an SMS with your Index Number to 20076 for Safaricom, Airtel and Telkom networks at a cost of Ksh. 25 per SMS.

2. online

To check the results for KCPE 2021/22 online, go to the K.N.E.C website and enter your Index number

How to Download 2021/2022 KCPE Result Slips online for Candidates

School Headmasters will collect the results from the sub-county education offices for the candidates to finally collect them in the education centres. They can also access to the KCPE results portal from this link


  1. Visit the official KNEC schools’ portal by clicking the link above.
  2. To login to the KNEC portal, Insert the User Name and Password which you used during the KCPE 2021 registration.
  3. Once inside the portal, you will see several boxes. First, under the box labelled ‘FROM INDEX’, input the index number of the first candidate and in the box labelled ‘TO INDEX NUMBER’ input the last candidate’s index number. Click on ‘VIEW REPORT’.
  4. Wait for the result slips to load. When all the slips are loaded, click on the menu labelled ‘EXPORT’.
  5. Select the format you would like to export the KCPE Result Slips e.g. ‘WORD’ or ‘PDF’ formats.
  6. The KCPE Result slips will be downloaded to offline storage in your computer.
  7. You can then print the downloaded result slips.
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