How Safaricom is Stopping Illegal SIM Card Registration

How Safaricom is Stopping Illegal SIM Card Registration
How Safaricom is Stopping Illegal SIM Card Registration

The ICT Authority of Kenya is currently encouraging Kenyans to go and re-register their SIM card so that information can be updated in existing databases. Safaricom has launched a campaign that aims to make sure that customers personal information like ID Number, Passport Numbers are not used to fraudulently register other SIM cards.

The communication authority has insisted that this activity has to be done by the end of April. Failure to do this will lead to numbers being suspended for a period of 90 days to give their owners time to register them. However after the 90 days elapse you loose your number.

How to Check if your ID is registered with another SIM card.

  1. You can use it to check your numbers (this is where you see all numbers registered using your name/ID)
  2. You can report unknown numbers associated with your ID
  3. Cancel a reported number

Safaricom Registration Consent

Safaricom has partnered with agents and customers to stop illegal registration of SIM cards.

This is how this works:

1. Whenever a customer’s National ID number is used to register a new SIM card, he/she will receive an SMS notification from service number 707 asking for consent. 

2. The customer will be prompted to accept or cancel the registration.

3. During the registration, if a customer responds with ‘no’, the new line will not be registered and the matter will be escalated automatically to Safaricom fraud team for investigation.

4. If the customer chooses not to respond with either of the options given, the registration will not be completed.

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5. Registration will only be completed if the customer approves the alert.

6. The new service applies to customers registering a second or more lines with Safaricom. If it is a first line the service will not launch. 

7. Once a customer tries to register a new line, the system will check for the most active number on the network or M-PESA that is registered under the same ID number and send a notification to this number for consent.

Make sure to update your SIM card before the end of April to avoid the above. Make sure to alert your parents, friends and families who have older SIM cards with scant registration details.