How to withdraw from Fuliza

How To Withdraw From Fuliza
How To Withdraw From Fuliza

What is Fuliza?

Fuliza is an overdraft facility that allows Safaricom customers to complete transactions on M-Pesa despite having insufficient funds.

How to Fuliza MPesa?

To apply for Fuliza Mpesa there are two ways to go by

First, use the Fuliza number ‘234’. Follow these steps

  1. Go to Phone Dial
  2. Enter Fuliza USSD Code *234# and Call
  3. Select Fuliza MPesa
  4. Select Yes to join Fuliza MPesa
  5. Select Yes to accept Terms and Conditions 

Or you can alternatively use the MySafaricom App;

  1. Open MySafaricom App
  2. Click on M-PESA at the bottom toolbar
  3. Select Fuliza M-Pesa
  4. Tick checkbox to accept Terms and Conditions
  5. Click on Opt-In

How to Withdraw Money from Fuliza 

  1. Send money to a registered MPesa customer and have them withdraw through an MPesa agent. Ensure your account for normal withdrawal charges.
  2. Make Payments through Lipa Na MPesa till numbers. This means directly paying for products or services without the need to withdraw first.
  3. Make payments through Lipa Na MPesa Business numbers.

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