How To Register For Fuliza MPesa

How to withdraw from Fuliza
How to withdraw from Fuliza

The following are the steps to register for Safaricom’s fuliza Service.

  1. Make sure you have a registered safaricom line that contains all your details and have a PIN that is confidential that must have been active for the last six months to access the Fuliza services.

2. Dial *234# to register for Fuliza services using your registered safaricom line.

3. Press option 0 to register for Fuliza services using your safaricom line.

4. Next choose YES by pressing 1 .

5. Ensure that you accept by pressing option 1.

6. After registering for Fuliza services open M-PESA menu.

7. Select either send money, paybill or buy goods.

8. Enter amount of money you would wish to use.

9. Press okay to complete transaction.

10. Enter your PIN.

11. Press Okay.

12. The Fuliza option will pop up.

13. Select Yes.

14. Press okay to complete Fuliza transactions.

Fuliza is available to all M-PESA customers, however the awarding of limits will depend on your credit viability and how long you have been using M-PESA.

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