Haraka mobile loan app

Haraka Mobile loan is an android loan application owned by a South African lender called GetBucks. Haraka is one of the quickest and most convenient mobile loan apps in Kenya.

How to download Haraka Mobile loan app

How to register on Haraka Mobile loan app

Step 1:

After successfully installing the loan app you will link the loan app with your Facebook account.

Step 2:

After linking the app with your Facebook account and successfully creating an account, fill in your personal details.

The personal details required are your;

a. Name

b. ID Number

c. Email

d.M-Pesa Number (Referred to as Wallet Number)

e. Date of birth

How to apply for a loan on Haraka Mobile loan app

After filling in the details required the app will let you know the amount that you can borrow.

How to repay a loan on Haraka Mobile loan app

Haraka sends texts containing your loan amount, due date, pay bill number, and reference number to help during the repayment process.

Below is how you can repay a loan on Haraka.

1. Go to M-pesa menu

2. Select Lipa na M-pesa

3. Select Paybill no (Here enter 817910)

4. Enter Account no (enter your phone number)

5. Enter amount (enter the loan amount)

6. Enter M-pesa PIN

Haraka Mobile loan app contacts

Haraka Helpdesk contacts

Phone: +254 (0) 202 434 019

Email: kenyainfo@getbucks.com

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