How To Buy Airtime From Fuliza

How to withdraw from Fuliza
How to withdraw from Fuliza

Fuliza is an overdraft service from Safaricom Limited. The service was launched over 2 years ago and has become popular with Safaricom’s MPesa products.

They began with two main types of transactions namely, paying bills and sending cash. This however is about to change, the telco giant is extending this service to airtime purchases making it possible for one to buy airtime even without an MPesa balance.

This service is only available on the SIM toolkit only.

How to borrow airtime from fuliza;

1. Open your SIM toolkit

2. Select MPESA

3. Select Buy Airtime

4. Enter the amount you wish to purchase and enter the PIN.

5. In case you do not have the exact amount, the Fuliza prompt will pop up asking you the amount you wish to borrow. Key in the amount and accept.

You should now receive the confirmation messages.

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