Factors To Consider When Buying A Computer

Factors To Consider When Buying A Computer
Factors To Consider When Buying A Computer

The most important thing to consider while on the market for a computer is your budget and what you’ll be using it for.


Most of you will agree with me that this is the biggest factor to consider while buying a computer. Its important to get a budget and stick with it.


Your requirements will determine whether you need a laptop or desktop?

Apart from these two, there are several other factors to consider;

1. Processor

Probably the most important factor when choosing to purchase a computer. A processor is a critical computer component that can often make the performance of a computer enjoyable or annoying. Here the more expensive the processor the better.

2. Random Access Memory (RAM)

Just like the Processor the more expensive the better. RAM matters especially for users that run multiple applications at a go or run games. A higher RAM means a smoother performance.

3. Operating system

Windows OS is sold in different types. For more advanced and expensive the OS, the more advanced the features. Windows 10 for example offers Home, Pro, Enterprise, and Education each with different features.

4. Storage

Computers today usually come with 250GB and 750GB of space in the hard drive. As more people are storing their information online on cloud storage, you may want to rethink buying a huge hard drive space.

5. Graphics Card

Now all computers come with some form of graphics built-in. But my recommendation is to go with something a little better possibly from NVIDIA or AMD. They make your computer resolution better. AMD cards are good for mining while NVidia is good for Adobe programs.

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6. Warranty

Warranties apply to the state of the product when you purchased it. If something is wrong with the product, the vendor will repair or replace it at no charge, as long as the warranty – or subsequent warranty extension – is in effect