Why Your Fuliza Limit Is Zero Fuliza Hack


The transactions that one can do with a fuliza overdraft loan include;

– Sending money

– Buying goods

– Paying bills

To get started, you’ll have to opt in to use Fuliza service. You can download Mysafaricom app if you have a smartphone or dial *234# and enrolled.

Why is your loan limit zero? It is possible to have a zero fuliza overdraft limit. In fact that’s where your fuliza journey will start but again its the most common limit.

There are reasons though why your fuliza limit will be zero and those reasons include;

– If your mpesa account is less than 6 months old.

– If your mpesa account is less active with fewer transactions.

– If your mpesa account changed negatively

– If you’re blacklisted by the CRB

– If you have an unpaid fuliza loan.

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