How to withdraw money from Skrill to MPesa

Mpesa to Skrill How to Transfer Money From Mpesa to Skrill
Mpesa to Skrill How to Transfer Money From Mpesa to Skrill

The following are the steps to follow in order to withdraw money from Skrill to Mpesa in an instant:

1. Register for a Skrill Account – A Skrill account is FREE to register and will only take seconds. Get a free Skrill account here.

2.Log into the Skrill official page to move your money to M-PESA.

3. Change the value for the country field The recipient will receive to Kenya.

4. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw. Skrill automatically converts this amount into Kenya Shillings.

5. Click the Get Started button. It takes you to the following page where you will enter your recipient details.

6. Enter the recipient details i.e M-PESA details;

7. Continue to Skrill. If you are not Logged-in to Skrill already, you will be prompted to Log in. In this stage of Skrill to Mpesa, you will be shown your Skrill balance. Skrill lets you know if this balance is enough to cover the transfer cost.

8. Double-check and confirm that all the recipient M-PESA details are correct.

9. Confirm the Skrill to Mpesa transaction by entering your date of birth. Then click Send Money.

The money is transferred immediately, and you can see the successful transfer confirmation on the Skrill screen, plus through immediate e-mail and SMS confirmation.

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