Choosing the right Safaricom Home Fibre for You.

safaricom Home fibre
safaricom Home fibre

Since the launch of the Safaricom Home Fibre in 2018, it has grown exponentially in many parts of the country.

According to Safaricom, they have now connected over 12,000 estates and 350,000 homesteads in Kenya with Home-Fibre.

How to Sign Up for Home Fibre;

– Dial *400#

– Choose Get Home Fibre

– Select your region

– Select Area

– Enter Estate Name

There are four main Home Fibre packages;

– Bronze – 8Mbps

– Silver – 20Mbps

– Gold – 40Mbps

– Diamond – 100Mbps

Safaricom Home Fibre
Safaricom Home Fibre
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