How to Repay Zenka Loan | Zenka Paybill Number

Zenka Loan app
Zenka Loan app

Once you have applied and qualified for money, you will need to repay the zenka loan amount borrowed. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do using the app and also using the zenka M-Pesa pay bill no.

Repay Zenka loan using the app:

– Open the zenka app (make sure your data is connected)

– Press sign in.

– Confirm your account and press next (Safaricom telephone number)

– Input your 4-digit PIN and press SIGN IN

– Select the REPAY NOW option

– Next select the amount you want to pay either ‘Full amount due‘ or ‘choose specific amount‘


– Wait for the MPesa Xpress screen to pop up.

– Next, Enter your M-PESA pin and press OK.

– Zenka will send you an SMS from 40730 confirming your loan payment.

– Your total amount due will be updated to reflect the t

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