How to Get Mpesa Statement from Safaricom via SMS

MPesa Statement
MPesa Statement

A Mpesa mini statement contains the details of your recent Mpesa transactions.

You can check your Mpesa statement from Safaricom via SMS this way;

– From your phone (that has a Safaricom line), dial *234#

– *234# is the USSD Service Short-code. Select/ Answer with 2 (My M-PESA Information).

– Then answer with 1 (M-PESA Statement).

– Then select whether you want a Full Statement or Mini Statement at the next prompt.

– A Service reply message — that you will receive your Safaricom Mpesa statement shortly is displayed.

– The Mpesa statement SMS should arrive before you finish reading this message!

– The Safaricom Mpesa statement SMS shows your last 5 M-PESA transactions.

You can also get Mpesa statement through E-mail.

The e-mail option is perhaps more secure than through SMS. You may want to delete the Mpesa mini statement SMS for privacy reasons.

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