How To Unblock Safaricom Line

If you are here, then you must have done something and blocked your Safaricom Line and you need to unlock it as soon as possible.

Well, here’s how you do that;

There are several ways you can do that but these should get it done.

If you have another phone

– Dial *100# on the other phone then follow the prompts to get the PUK by selecting, 8, “Get PUK”.

– Then follow up by inserting your phone number, passwords and maybe using voice recognition to certify that it is you

Using WhatsApp and Telegram

– Here you can use another smartphone to access WhatsApp or Telegram and talk to Zuri on either platform.

– For WhatsApp, you have to add the number 0722 000100. By texting ‘Hi’ zuri will reply with a menu to get you your PUK.

Online Assistance

– Here you can converse with Safaricom online and talk to their Online Assistant Zuri who will help you through. You can get here by visiting the Safaricom Official Website

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