Here is all you need to know about the new Whatsapp emojis


Whatsapp has been working on ramping up the Facebook-owned messaging app for quite some time now. They already have several features like adding multi-device support, launching view once feature for media, and beginning work on independent cloud backups among others.

Now they are adding support for the newest emojis on the beta version of its Android app. The updated emoji library is set to come with Android 12 when it is publicly launched later this year.

These new emojis are supposed to make the app more gender-inclusive and diverse for its users.

Some of these emojis include;

– hundred of more diverse(inter-racial) couples – a couple with heart, couple with heart: woman, woman, couple with heart: man, man, couple with heart: woman, man

– woman beard emoji and gender-specific man beard – both support the five skin tone modifier options

– kiss emoji with the new standard and non-standard options

– face with spiral eyes, face exhaling, face in clouds

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