How To Apply For Eazzy Loan From Equity Bank

Eazzy Bank
Eazzy Bank Loan

Eazzy Loan Requirements

1. Have an active Equity Bank account for a minimum period of 6 months

2. You must have an active Equitel line or EazzyApp

Eazzy Loan Interest Rates and charges

Eazzy loan comes with an interest rate of between 2% and 10% depending on your credit history and banking profile.

You can borrow from Ksh 100 up to Ksh 200,000 from Eazzy loan.

How To Apply For Eazzy Loan

1. Head to your Equitel Menu.

2. Select the money.

3. Select Loans.

4. Select Get Loan.

5. Select Loan Type (Eazzy Loan).

6. Select Account.

7. Enter Amount.

8. Confirm Details.

9. Enter PIN.

10. You should receive an SMS confirmation for your loan.

How to apply for the Eazzy Loan from EazzyApp;

1. Click on the Navigation menu (=) on the top left corner

2. Log to EazzyAPP

3.Select Loans

4. Click on the (+) sign at the bottom right-hand side

5. Select request loan

6. Select the bank account that the loan should be deposited to

7. Type in the amount you would like to borrow and click enter

The sliding bar will become active and using the tool, you will be able to see payment details i.e. the loan duration, the estimated amount due, and the repayment date)

8. Click on request loan

9. Confirm details, accept the terms and conditions and click request loan

10. You will receive an SMS confirmation for the loan

If you don’t have an Equity Bank account, simply dial *247# using your current number and open one instantly, Hapo Hapo, then pick your Equitel line from your nearest Equity Bank branch.

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You can contact Equity Bank on 0763 063 000 if you have any further inquiries.